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​A full service public affairs company to handle all of your lobbying, government, public relations, and marketing needs.

    Bighorn Public Affairs Group, LLC is an aggressive, creative consulting and lobbying firm consisting of seasoned public policy and marketing professionals who are dedicated to providing their clients with outstanding services in the areas of federal appropriations, issues lobbying, and policy management.  In addition, Bighorn Public Affairs Group offers a complete public relations program.  From research to message development to media relations, we are able to execute effective communications programs.
    Our years of living and working in Washington, DC and the corporate marketing world, have left us with hosts of friends and allies in key government positions for our clients’ interests.  In addition to our work with Congress, Bighorn Public Affairs Group has a long list of contacts with high-level individuals and political appointees in virtually every branch of the federal government.  Our work on behalf of clients has further enriched our federal agency experience, and we offer clients valuable expertise in navigating these large bodies.   

    about BIGHORN


    Expertise in energy and natural resources, appropriations, municipality concerns, international relations, commerce and tax issues

    • State and federal lobbying
    • Federal funding guidance
    • Governmental affairs and policy creation 
    • Relationship-building with elected officials, key decision-makers, and business allies
    • Public relations assistance with your community and clients
    • Crisis management for any problem or negative press
    • Event planning for your organization’s business and social functions

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    Wyoming Native | D.C. Veteran

    Jennifer Johnson

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